Gun Raffle Info


This weeks Gun Raffle is a:

We are raffling off a Gun listed above. Tickets are 20.00 each and you can pick your numbered spot if you like, When all the spots have been filled we will do a random online drawing. You can Pay in store or use PAYPAL Friends and family only. PayPal to: Please include your name, E-mail address and the open numbered spot you would like. If no spot chosen with payment it will be filled into next open spot.

Open spots listed below

  1.        Adam B.
  2. ___________
  3.        Alan B.
  4.        Angela F.
  5.        Kleat L.
  6.          Nick A.
  7.          Mike R.
  8.         Blake D.
  9.          Jason B.
  10.          Kleat L.
  11.         Angela F.
  12.          Brian W.
  13.          Herve D.
  14.     Christopher G.
  15.          Kleat L.
  16.         David H
  17.          Adam B.
  18.          Mark C.
  19.         Andrew F.
  20.         Kevin H.
  21.          Nick R.
  22.          Chris M.
  23.          Adam B.
  24.          Blake D.
  25.          Jason A.
  26.        Herbert F.
  27.           Axel T.
  28.       Anthony C.
  29.           Dan M.
  30.           TJ Stone
  31.           Adam B
  32.            Paul K
  33.           TJ Stone
  34.            Paul K
  35.            Dane W.
  36.          George M.
  37.           Frank C.
  38.           Jakob K
  39.            Axel T.
  40. ___________
  41.            Bill S.
  42.           Paul K
  43.          TJ Stone
  44.           Russ V.
  45.          Mike B
  46. ___________
  47.          Jerry P.
  48. ___________
  49.          David W.
  50.          Dane W.
The winner will be notified by E-mail and video on B&B Face book Page. The winner to Pickup at store or we can ship to winners FFL 35.00 to ship in US only. All transfer fees and special shipping costs to other FFL is required by winner. Winner needs to check with current state law's before purchasing tickets.